EARTH SCIENCE ANALYTICS' FOUNDERS haVE a strong track record from the E&P industry, from data analytics and from petroleum geoscience research



Dr. Eirik Larsen has 18 years experience from the E&P industry. He has held various technical and managerial roles in oil companies including 4 years as Exploration Manager. He has founded and acted as chairman of a petroleum geoscience consultancy focused on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. He has experience from exploration, development, and production on the NCS as well as internationally from the UKCS, West Africa, and India. He holds a PhD in Petroleum Geology from the University of Bergen.

Dr. Dimitrios Oikonomou has 20 accumulated years as a board member, 13 years as technical director, and 6 years as team leader in research groups in the field of engineering and data processing.
He is the inventor of two patents one of them international registered by Roxar AS as a sole inventor.
He holds a PhD in electromagnetics and has more than 25 publications in peer reviewed international journals. He is a polyglot programmer, emphasizing in the integration of multi-disciplinary sciences to achieve unique solutions for industry problems.

Dr. Chris Jackson is an internationally-recognized expert in the application of 3D seismic and borehole data to constrain the temporal and spatial evolution of sedimentary basins; this is demonstrated by his publication quantity and quality, external measures of esteem and funding quantity. His research focuses on: (i) the geometry and growth of normal faults; (ii) the tectono-stratigraphic evolution of rift basins; (iii) salt tectonics on passive continental margins and its impact on sedimentation; and (iv) the seismic expression  and economic impact of igneous activity in petroliferous sedimentary basins.

Dr. Behzad Alaei has 24 years of international industry experience including 8 years as Chief Geophysicist. He holds a PhD in Petroleum Geophysics from the University of Bergen. He worked in exploration, development, and production projects of different petroleum provinces from the Middle East, NCS, UKCS, Gulf of Mexico. He is involved in research projects related to seismic modelling, and imaging with special focus on geophysical challenges of the NCS.

The Earth Science Analytics Team, come from the user side, they have a strong track record from the oil and gas industry, and a deep understanding of their clients challenges.
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